Skwish is a short block-pushing puzzle game about getting inside the blocks. Features 25 levels and plays great on both mobile and desktop! Inspired by Baba Is You, Denki Blocks and the monster in Stranger Things 3.

How to play

  • Move around: Use the arrow keys or click/tap in the direction
  • Merge with blobs: Step into a blob to merge with it. The blobs will move with you until they are pressed against a wall.
  • Restart a level: Click the reset button (top-right) or press space
  • Fewest moves wins: Check the level select screen for your high scores 

How to use the level editor

  • Click within the level to place an object
  • Click on a tool icon twice to switch colours
  • Click “play” to preview the level; press the “reset” button to return to the editor
  • Press “save” to download the level as a JSON file
  • Press “load” to restore a previously-saved level


Development log


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Really cool, i don't think i have ever played a puzzle game quite like this and it works really well!

Thank you! More to come soon hopefully :-)


Cool idea, nice work

Thanks! I still need to finish v2 of the game, it has refined graphics and a level editor.