Super Senet is a modern reinterpretation of Senet, the ancient board game played by the Egyptians thousands of years ago. For this modern version I took inspiration from Advance Wars and other modern turn-based strategy games, as well as the mythological connotations — of traversing the river of the underworld and battling with your own soul to reach the afterlife.

How to play

  • This is a turn-based two-player game.
  • Click on a boat to select it, and then click within the shaded area to move it down the river.
  • Each boat has a limited range, and each turn you have 10 moves to share among your boats.
  • You can swap places with your opponent's boats (pushing them behind you!) unless they are next to an ally.

About the game

This game was made in two months for World MytholoJam 2019, and is currently highly unfinished. Some of the major things I didn't get round to submitting are an endgame state, a user interface, and (arguably) fun.

It's also my first ever game with Unity! And you can probably tell. Still, I hope you enjoy it.

Unused artwork

These were meant to be used as a splash screen and an endgame judgement screen.

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Made withUnity
TagsBoard Game, mythology, Turn-based Strategy


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I don’t understand why diagonally adjacent pieces sometimes count at touching and sometimes don’t.

Or why you sometimes can land on the moving reeds and other times not.

Or why the game goes berserk, instead of calculating a winner, once it’s finished.

Would love to see it fleshed out further though.


Thanks for playing! It’s definitely far from perfect and I'm sure there are plenty of bugs. I might try to rebuild it with a more suitable technology in the future, I really struggled with Unity.

Thank you for building a game around senet! I enjoy the concept, and I’d like to see it expanded upon :) I have no personal experience working in Unity, but I gather it can indeed be a b*tch sometimes, especially for browser games.