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Tidy blocks and solve brainteasers in this satisfying puzzle game for the Playdate console! Free demo includes the first twelve levels.

(Also available on Catalog.)


  • 45 levels with approximately two hours of puzzling gameplay
  • Reimagined for Playdate with all new code, graphics and level layouts
  • Crank to undo! Make a bad move? Pull out the crank and rewind time!

Music and sound effects by choosh.


Nominated  for "Best Puzzle Game" in The 2022 Playdate Community Awards

Ps. Don't have a Playdate? Check out the original web version.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(37 total ratings)
Tags1-bit, Pixel Art, Playdate


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game for Playdate you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Skwish.pdx.zip 18 MB

Download demo

Skwish (Demo).pdx.zip 18 MB

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Beat this game over a year ago and it is still one of my favorite games for the system :D 



Demo was great! I'm in!

Great game! I keep coming back to it. Any way to get tips or find a walkthrough somewhere? I can't seem to get it right on lvl 39...

Unfortunately there isn’t a full walkthrough anywhere, at least as far as I know! Maybe I should add some sort of hint system into the game. Not sure what that would look like though. 🤔

If it helps, you can skip the level using the level select screen (accessed via the menu).

I love it! Subtle cute animations, really fun mechanic, and nicely designed levels (in all honesty, I'm still scratching my head on "So close" 😬 No spoilers please!)

I did notice some performance issues and minor graphical artifacts especially in levels with few walls and many blocks, but nothing that takes away from the gameplay.

Definitely worth the money! I also appreciated being able to try the demo first.

Well done!


I would  love it if you managed to get your game on to catalogue, now that it's released!


I would love that too! Panic, if you’re reading this, call me ;-)


Great news!! Skwish is now on Catalog!


This game makes you think ahead like you have to in chess. I have found myself staring at the screen, realizing an approach will not work because it bumps the wall in the wrong direction. Enthralling!

This is awesome! Would love to see some sort of profile/save feature so it's easy for two people to track their progress independently

im crazy about it because it makes me play it all day

This is a really fun game! I’ve gotten to level 41, but am now hopelessly stuck. 


Okay, I've gotten all the levels . . . except 44. I even skipped ahead and finished 45, but 44 is driving me crazy! 

Really fun little puzzle game that I can't put down.


Level 44 has broke my brain. Someone help

Also, I only had 40 levels - is there 5 unlockable levels?? 🤔 

Sounds like you have the original version 1.0.0 of the game installed. The five extra levels and challenge scores are in the v1.1.0 update!

If you re-download the game from Itch and sideload it again to your Playdate, that should update it. (You may need to delete it from your console to force a new download as the Sideload process can be somewhat unreliable.)

Picked up Skwish during the community bundle and I just beat it - it’s my favorite sideloaded game so far!! I appreciate the score attack unlocking, but I would love if there was a minimum number of moves listed for each level so I knew the best possible score. If there’s any chance at additional levels being added that would be incredible 🤤 Oh! And the option to toggle between the music tracks would be rad too - the menu music is great but I hardly hear it! Great game!!

I'm looking forward to the update!

It’s out now! Thanks for the great suggestion!

Does someone have a tiny hint for level 39? For some reason I can’t wrap my brain around it…

I started by making the middle cross, then I pressed against the walls to escape. Does that help at all?

this game is really really good, easily my favorite PlayDate game out of everything I've seen or played - including the entire first season.

This is a great game! I really love these kinds of puzzle games!

I'm glad there is a  demo available to get a little sample of this enjoyable puzzle game, but why does the demo come in at 23MB?  Most of the third party Playdate games I've purchased have been under 1MB in size.


It’s mostly the music files that inflate the size of the game. Many non-Pulp Playdate games are around this size too. For example, “A Joke That’s Worth $0.99” is 14.5MB and Bloom is 60.8MB.

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This is one of my favorite games for the PlayDate! It's super polished!

I only wish it was longer, I'm already halfway through! (And, it's sometimes hard to tell the different "colors" apart, but I realize that's basically a hardware limitation.)


Great little puzzler.


Loved it. Clever puzzles that were fun without making my head explode, and it's very satisfying to control and "blob" the blocks together. 

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Demo was great, thanks for including one. Girlfriend enjoyed the puzzles as well. Picking up the full game.


This is a delightful little puzzle game for your delightful little Playdate. As I write this review, I have 5 levels left. There are 40 levels. Will there be a Skwish 2? If so, sign me up. 


I just beat Skwish and had a great time. I would say a completion time of two hours is accurate, but it's pretty concentrated fun and it unlocks the score mode. I REALLY wish there were perfect or par scores for each of the levels though. I think that would've given it a ton more replayability and I'd definitely play another few hours. (I also really just wanted to fill up 40 stars or check-marks or whatever).

I love the music! I turned off my podcast to listen to it while playing. The menu music is great too. I wish it cycled between the songs, because I was rarely at the menu and never for longer than five seconds. I'm chilling at the menu to listen to the music right now. The animation successfully makes everything good and squishy. It looks great in motion and the overall presentation is polished. There's a bit of lag when spamming undo with large blob formations, but it doesn't get in the way.

The first levels tutorialize the basics seamlessly. It was paced very well. Levels are mostly simple, but smart. Finally, this is the first sideloaded game I've seen that has custom wrapping paper!! All the little stuff on a solid puzzle base makes for a charming game. I think the demo is easily worth your time. Thanks for reading!

Thank you for the detailed review! I’m glad you liked it. Expanding the score-attack mode is a great idea too, I’ll admit it was a bit of a last-minute addition!

How did you  featured your game

Honestly? I have no idea!

did they just add your game to featured games

Yup! It just happened. Though Leaf randomly played a verrry early version of this a couple of years ago, so maybe they’ve been watching over skwish like a guardian angel 👼

How or when can I get the full game. I just played the demo and it was so much fun. Super cool mechanics!


It’s out right now!!


Played the demo and it looked great and played well. Could use a little polish... don't love the lock over the hole but it gets the point across. At the end of the demo it helpfully offered a QR code to pre-order so I went ahead and preordered. :)

Thank you for the preorder and the honest feedback :)

played the demo and enjoyed it, followed the pre-order link but only see the demo and no pre-order option on here? Thanks.


I accidentally disabled preorders last night, sorry about that 🙈 The good news is, it’s now released and available to play immediately!


thank you, bought it! :)